InJoy Wellness is a garden-roots organization, providing healing and planting the seeds of transformation for all who walk through our doors. We are proud to offer a holistic approach to health and healing in the form of a variety of therapeutic treatments (Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Couples Massage) as well as offering a foot spa, backyard lounge space, and luxurious infrared sauna for our clients to enjoy. 

InJoy was founded in 2013 on a vision and a prayer by renowned deep tissue LMT, Tresa Beaver. With the support of a friend and the help of NEDCO (Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation), InJoy acquired the upstairs apartment of the Baldwin Market Building, and within nine months had expanded to the downstairs space as well. Tresa and her team remodeled the studio, built their hand-crafted wooden reception desk, and landscaped the front and back yards of the property to create the beautiful healing space that is InJoy Wellness today. 

The InJoy logo is made up of hearts and the infinity sign - to represent the infinite love of wellness that we provide to our community. From all of us at InJoy Wellness, thank you for being part of our family and allowing us to support yours! 

About the Owner
InJoy Wellness is the result of the tireless effort and vision of Tresa Beaver, renowned Deep Tissue massage therapist. Tresa has been practicing massage since she was about twelve years old. She had always been drawn to the healing arts, and when she was twenty-five, Tresa worked two jobs to put herself through massage school. After receiving her massage license in 2008, Tresa trained in hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, structural reintegration, reiki, shamanic healing, and pre and postnatal massage.

When InJoy Wellness was first founded, Tresa ran the business completely by herself - answering the phone, scheduling appointments, providing all the bodywork, and cleaning the space in the spare moments. It was a serious juggling act. Now as a result of Tresa's hard work and ever-expanding vision, InJoy Wellness has grown to a team of over fifteen therapists and spa staff.

"Touch has a way of healing deep trauma and injuries in the body, relieves tension from sore muscles, prevents injuries, and provides relief from chronic pain. Healing touch has been a way of life for all of human history and it is a practice that I am blessed to practice and share with our community." 

- Tresa Beaver